We offer a wide and comprehensive array of training that is designed to enhance knowledge to improve customer experience, loyalty, quality and efficiency.

WE will provide our experience and knowledge in these areas using a "hands-on" approach:

  • Contact Center 101- learn the basics of how multi channel customer service centers work

  • Customer Service Metrics - learn how to develop simple and power customer facing metrics

  • Contact Center/Operations - learn the math behind operations efficiency, customer satisfaction and how to monetize operations elements

  • Understand the basic principles to improve customer satisfaction

  • Learn how to measure and improve employee engagement and retention in customer facing operations

  • Learn how to develop management certification programs to insure operational excellence

  • Learned how to operationalize a customer facing operations process across channels

  • Learn about emerging customer interaction channels and how to use them in your business

  • Learn how to implement multi-factor authentication processes to protect customer information

  • Learn how to use customer data and predictive analytics in customer facing operations

  • Learn how to implement and optimize simple and powerful continuous improvement (Lean) processes in your operations.

  • Case method and operations simulations available to enhance knowledge and learning.