Keynote Speaking

The ability to "de-mysticize" and simplify the dynamics and emerging trends in customer facing methods, processes and technology can serve as a springboard of innovation for any company wishing to improve its relationship with its customers. Our founder has shared his knowledge, learnings, successes and experiences with small and national customer facing groups and conferences to offer practical and actionable steps for insight and improvement in a straightforward and easy to understand manner. These engagements have enhanced the knowledge of attendees from multiple industries.

Topics Covered:

  • Contact Center 101

  • How to lead in a customer facing operation - the 10 Principles

  • How to develop a coherent actionable customer experience strategy

  • Emerging Customer Interaction Channels - Social, Artificial Intelligence, Human to Human

  • Social Media Use as a customer channel - how to leverage word of mouth reputation

  • Developing a multichannel customer experience operating model

  • How to introduce Continuous Improvement Models in Customer Facing Operations

  • Improving employee engagement in customer facing operations

  • Channel technology selection basics for customer facing operations

  • Developing a robust BPO outsourcing model and strategy