Consulting & Business Coaching

Many businesses do not have the internal resources to thoroughly assess their customer facing operations to address areas of customer friction such as poor customer satisfaction or efficiency. We have developed a system of assessment for large customer facing operations that has bee proven to increase customer loyalty, increase revenue and lower cost across multiple industries. This system of assessment works for in house and outsourced customer facing operations across multiple customer interaction channels such as phone, chat, email, social, outbound, face to face and video.

  • Operations strategy development for single or multichannel environment to improve retention, loyalty and revenue

  • Outsourcing, strategy, planning and operations

  • Continuous Improvement planning and execution in an operations environment

  • Operations improvement consulting focused on improving quality, satisfaction and efficiency (small and mid size companies)

  • Developing and executing cohesive and powerful customer experience strategy

  • Developing and executing a powerful channel management and utilization strategy

  • Devising metric strategy to reduce cost per transaction, attrition, hiring costs etc.

  • Workforce utilization strategy for various industries

  • Best practices for customer service in retail (face to face) businesses