What to Expect from Management Consultants

Hiring a Business Consultant is a crucial first step in taking your company to the next level. Companies face several challenges that can be rectified with the help of a management consultant, but with thousands to choose from, the decision on who to trust with your business can be daunting. Here are the top 5 things to expect from a qualified Business Consultant:


A Business Consultant is trusted to improve the day to day workings of a business. There is no way to be able to do that if they don’t understand the company, its goals, or its culture. This is why it is vital for a qualified consultant to make an effort to personally understand the issues and areas for improvement in a company. LEH offers a personal on-site assessment of your company’s goals to better serve you.


In the consulting business there are no one size fits all solutions. Each company should expect business consulting services to offer tailor-made strategies to meet their objectives. LEH provides customized plans to address the development goals and unique circumstances surrounding your team. Len's approach is focused on the aspirations of those being coached and the unique personalities, goals, and company culture that are set before him. This includes both large and small business consulting.


Not everyone has the time or space to have a consulting business lock their employees in a room and lecture them for a few hours. Any consultant worth their salt will be flexible enough to deliver service to a company in a variety of ways. LEH can work with companies on-site, via phone, or via skype.


There is nothing worse than having time wasted by a business consultant that wants to give you everything except what you need. Business consulting services should include focused strategies that speak to a company’s specific needs and goals, not general principles they don’t know how to apply.


Hiring the right management consultant is a high stakes decision for any company. Making the right choice can set a business up for years of continued success and making the wrong decision can be a major setback. You should hire a proven management consultant who you can trust to handle your business with professionalism, class, and skill.

Len is a business process consultant with 30 years of experience leading, building and growing the brands of noted corporations in financial services, insurance, managed care and telecommunications. He is an expert in operations, planning, strategy and people manager of multigenerational workforces. Specialties in operating and leading large teams (3500+). Len has extensive and highly successful operations executive experience with successful multi-industry (Retirement Operations, Insurance, Retail Banking, Managed Care and Telecommunications) B2B and B2C executive leadership and large team operations experience with highly transferable skills. He has served a high impact executive experience with renowned companies Voya, USAA, UnitedHealth Group and AT&T.

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