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LEH Strategic Partners leverages over 30 years executive leadership experience leading, building and growing the brands of noted corporations in financial services, insurance, managed care and telecommunications. We are expert business coaches in operations, planning, strategy and management of diverse multi generational workforces.


In today's demanding world, customers have become increasingly impatient and unforgiving relative to poor customer service. Top performing companies, of all sizes, have mastered the art and science of designing and innovating "frictionless" customer experiences. With our guidance, experience and expertise, we offer a powerful array of services designed to develop strategy, build knowledge and operations processes to grow your business.


Operations Consulting & Coaching

Many businesses do not have the internal resources to thoroughly assess their customer facing operations to address areas of customer friction such as poor customer satisfaction or efficiency. We have developed a system of assessment for many customer facing operations that has been proven to increase customer loyalty, increase revenue and lower cost across multiple industries. This system of assessment works for in house and outsourced customer facing operations across multiple customer interaction channels such as phone, chat, email, social, outbound and video.

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As the saying goes, Knowledge is power! This is particularly important in businesses that service different customers across simple and complex interaction channels. The ability to engage leaders and managers who are trained and certified in the process to operate complex customer facing organizations such as large contact/call centers is a major determinant of corporate success. Leaders must know the basics and advanced knowledge to fully maximize investments in technology and labor that is dedicated to servicing customers. We have the experience and expertise to teach small and large groups the basics and advanced knowledge to excel in today's dynamic marketplace.

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Keynote Speaking

The ability to "de-mysticize" and simplify the dynamics and emerging trends in customer facing methods, processes and technology can serve as a springboard of innovation for any company wishing to improve its relationship with its customers. We have shared our knowledge, learnings, successes and experiences with small and national customer facing groups and conferences to offer practical and actionable steps for insight and improvement in a straightforward and easy to understand manner. These engagements have enhanced the knowledge of attendees from multiple industries.

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Operations Process

In order to excel in satisfying customers and growing revenue while lowering costs, serious companies of all sizes, must invest in a clear, concise and executable operations process and framework. This is particularly true in the vital customer facing groups that impact the brand and viability of a companies place in the B2B or B2C marketplace. A key component of a powerful operations process framework is its ability to engage customers and employees to meet their needs. Please click on the learn more button to review an overview of the process that we have developed to successfully implement across multiple diverse industries.

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Executive Coaching

In over 30 years of progressive leadership responsibility, our founder has coached and developed hundreds of executives, senior leaders, managers and front line employees in customer facing roles to improve their effectiveness, presence and performance. He has an excellent track record of developing operations executives at Voya, USAA, UnitedHealth Group and AT&T. He has been a sought after coach for executives across various industries for his perspective and expertise. Our founder’s approach is personable and focused on the career aspirations of those being coached. He specializes in coaching of under represented groups, women and leaders of color.

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